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Young at heart? Looking to have memories of precious moments of the ones you love? Looking for an enjoyable and unforgettable photographic experience to cherish for the rest of your life? 

There is nothing more moving than seeing your child looking at you, with a beaming smile on his or her face and those little gems eyes sparkle, with affection and love.

Below are some of the sessions that we can arrange:


This session is dedicated completely to the baby, from 6 weeks. The aim of the session is to capture the baby’s natural expressions. Includes: • 1 hour creation session; • May use  props, blankets, hats and wraps.

* For newborn sessions, please ring for details.

Pat and Eat-a-cake!

Time to celebrate baby’s first birthday and what better way to do this? Baker’s man, bake me a cake and let me pat it and eat it on my FIRST birthday! This session is booked no later than 2 weeks after the baby’s birthday. This session lasts for 1 hour

  • kids photos studio and outdoor
  • kids photos studio and outdoor

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